CI First Look – OppenheimerFunds’ Rebranding Efforts

by on May 06, 2013

OppenheimerFunds LogoOppenheimerFunds recently announced a new rebranding effort for its retail sites and as of May 1 its Investor and Advisor sites now feature a new visual design. Overall, the new look is very clean, giving off a modern impression. The new charcoal background is accented by bright green highlights and a new logo design featuring sharper lettering and added color. The new branding does not affect the layout or navigation and no new online content was introduced. However, the rebrand definitely breathes new visual life into Oppenheimer’s websites and overall online presence.

OppenheimerFunds Advisor Homepage
New OppenheimerFunds Advisor Homepage

Oppenheimer Funds Old and New Logos
Old Oppenheimer Funds Logo (Left), New Logo (Right)

Getting Advisors Up To Speed
Oppenheimer also made a point of communicating the branding news to its advisors. On the morning the rebranding went public, the firm sent an email to its advisors with a pep talk from CEO Bill Glavin. The letter announces a new name for the firm’s institutional investment arm – OFI Global Asset Management – and includes a few details of the firm’s rebranding plans not mentioned in press releases.

OppenheimerFunds Email Image
OppenheimerFunds Advisor Email

Closing Thoughts
The firm’s rebranding move finds precedent in a number of rebrands performed by Advisor Monitor firms. For example, DWS Investments recently rebranded as Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management (DAWM) and implemented a visual redesign that, much like Oppenheimer’s, does not alter website content. In DAWM’s case, the rebranding was the result of a long running revision to corporate organization, but it would be wrong to speculate too heavily into Oppenheimer’s exact reasoning for this current rebranding. Whatever their ultimate reasoning, Oppenheimer’s rebranding efforts breathe new life into their website aesthetics and show their desire to stay fresh and competitive in the asset management industry.