Oscar Pays You to Walk

by on Mar 03, 2015


Oscar Healthcare Insurance has only been operating since July 2013, yet the New York-based company is already making an impression through innovative marketing efforts. The firm differentiates itself from traditional insurers by promising increased transparency, client-centric services and an emphasis on technology. In January of this year, the company began offering new clients a complimentary Misfit pedometer as an optional promotion.



Oscar MisFit Campaign Via Hioscar.com

After agreeing to the specified terms, MisFit automatically syncs to new users’ Oscar app. Initially, the Oscar Health app was only available to Apple iOS users; however, an Android version was recently released on February 19. According to Forbes, after setup is finalized, users begin receiving a daily step-target that becomes increasingly difficult. For each day it is met, users are awarded $1. Rewards are given as $20 Amazon gift cards on a monthly basis, which can add up to $240 a year when implemented consistently.

The offer works symbiotically for both parties. On the provider side, the pedometer promotes an active lifestyle, and healthier clients are more affordable. As a young company engaged in its first full-scale marketing campaign, Oscar is adeptly employing numerous strategies including distributing free wearable tech, rewarding customers for something they already do (walking), and finally, encouraging a healthier lifestyle, garnering positive media mentions. Not a bad first showing for this NY metropolitan area insurance startup.


Misfit Pedometer


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