P&C Mobile Trends, Highlights and Innovations – Q3 2016

by on Nov 10, 2016


In the third quarter of 2016, P&C firms embraced new technology and continued to adapt to new mobile features, with both Allstate and GEICO adding 3D Touch access for applicable devices.

This quarter, however, the most innovative use of mobile technology came from Liberty Mutual and its subsidiary firm Safeco as they became the first firms to create apps for the new voice-responsive Amazon Alexa devices. Liberty Mutual and Safeco clients can now ask their Alexa device various insurance questions, such as where to find an agent or what a specific insurance term means, and receive immediate answers. Liberty Mutual’s app specifically is also connected to its resource center, allowing users to inquire about any topic covered in the center, such as how to prepare for a hurricane or fix a sink.


New Public Site Amazon Alexa App Page

This quarter, GEICO joined Allstate and State Farm as the only coverage group firms to make their app available as a widget in the Today pull-down menu on iPhones. While State Farm’s widget only offers a link to find an agent, GEICO’s widget resembles Allstate’s, allowing clients to access roadside assistance, ID cards and its help center and gas locator tools within the app quickly.


New GEICO Mobile Widget

In line with other coverage group firms, such as Liberty Mutual, Esurance released a new DIY Home Inspection App, which goes further than comparable apps by rewarding clients who use it with a discount for conducting a home inspection themselves after they purchase a new homeowners policy.


New Public DIY Inspection App Page