P&C Mobile Trends, Highlights and Innovations – Q4 2016

by on Jan 20, 2017

P&C firms continued to embrace mobile technology through the end of 2016, with changes spanning from minor tweaks, such as updated profile sections, to one firm’s addition of full-fledged in-app ridesharing functionalities.

During 2016’s final quarter, GEICO implemented one of the year’s most noteworthy mobile innovations when it integrated Lyft into its mobile app. While Lyft maintains its separate app, making the service available within the GEICO app is beneficial to both companies: GEICO gives clients a reason unrelated to insurance to use their app, and Lyft is given an additional platform to compete against other popular companies such as Uber.

GEICO Mobile Lyft Service

The quarter also saw the continued adoption of 3D Touch as the pressure technology becomes less of an innovation and more of a standard for P&C firms. This quarter, Esurance implemented the technology for the first time, letting clients view their ID cards, and Allstate added a unique capability to its existing 3D Touch, allowing clients to opt to access ID cards from the home screen without logging in. Across the coverage group, most 3D Touch functions require users to log in to perform certain actions, but by allowing clients to view ID cards without being logged in, Allstate has made this crucial insurance information available with just a touch.

Allstate Mobile App View My ID Cards Link and Accessibility Options

From October to December, firms also made a number of minor improvements to their mobile apps. Nationwide added the ability for clients to edit personal information in the app, Allstate introduced billing and payment push notifications, and USAA made more sections of the app accessible from the iPhone’s spotlight search function. State Farm made the most improvements in this vein, adding the ability to cancel scheduled payments or remove saved payment methods in the mobile Bills & Payments section. The firm also now allows users to update personal information in the app as well as manage email subscriptions.