P&C Mobile Trends, Highlights and Innovations

by on Apr 07, 2016

auto_insurance2.jpgMobile technology in the P&C insurance industry grows in importance as more and more clients expect to handle all their financials through their smartphones, which created the opportunity for us to introduce the Quarterly P&C Mobile Trends, Highlights and Innovation blog series. For firms, coming up with new ways to improve the customer experience on a mobile platform is essential, and this blog series will shed light on the most noteworthy mobile app additions from the previous quarter.

This quarter, we highlight a Nationwide revamp, expanded use of iPhone and Android features by Esurance and Allstate, and Progressive and The Hartford adding the ability to save ID cards for offline viewing.

Nationwide made the most noteworthy mobile app improvement in the first quarter of 2016 with its mobile app revamp. Nationwide’s mobile experience was rather dated prior to the revamp, with a gray primary color and a basic list of links serving as the primary navigation method. The easiest change to notice in the revamped app is the improved aesthetics, including a vibrant blue background with images and an easy to navigate slide-out menu. The app still has room to improve, but considering the magnitude of how much better the user experience is now, it is the most noteworthy mobile update from the first quarter.

nationwide_revamped_homescreen.pngNationwide Revamped Homescreen (Left) and Universal Slide-Out Menu (Middle) and Old Homescreen (Right)

In March, Esurance began allowing clients to save their auto policy information to their mobile Wallet or Passbook. The process is straightforward, and once policy information is added, it vastly improves the customer experience by conveniently putting all pertinent policy information in one place outside the app. Within the mobile Wallet there are links to the difference sections of the app allowing for easy access to needed information, as well as claims and customer service contact information. Not everyone uses their respective phone’s Wallet or Passbook capabilities, but for those who do, this feature makes accessing their account more convenient.

esurance_mobile_apple_wallet_policy_information_screens.pngEsurance Mobile Apple Wallet Policy Information Screens

In a similar vein to Esurance, Allstate expanded its mobile app into other areas, making Allstate available as a widget in the Today scroll-down menu on iPhones. Allstate is the first firm to do this, making it easier for users to access the different areas of the account from the widget. It also displays the current amount owed and the minimum payment due for the policy so individuals never miss a payment. The scroll-down menu links to the ID cards, Payments, My Agent and Roadside Assistance screens within the mobile app, so users can access a good amount of their data without navigating through the app itself.

mobile_today_view_screen.pngMobile Today View Screen

The Hartford and Progressive now allow clients to save their ID cards on the app, even when they are offline. This technology is not new, but unique in that clients can view their insurance ID card information on their phones even if they are without Wi-Fi or in an area without cellular service. Over half of the firms we track already have this technology, including Allstate, Esurance and State Farm.

progressive_and_the_hartford_mobile_insurance_id_cards.pngProgressive (Left) and The Harford (Right) Mobile Insurance ID Cards Screens