P&C Quarterly Mobile Highlights and Innovations

by on Oct 19, 2017

Mobile technology in the property and casualty (P&C) insurance space saw an eventful third quarter of 2017, with changes ranging from design updates to the addition of new features and Amazon Alexa capabilities.

In September, Safeco became the first firm tracked by P&C Monitor to offer a new promotion through its Amazon Alexa Insurance Advisor skill, challenging clients to compete in insurance risk quizzes about home, life and driving safe practices. Clients can choose between home, auto and lifestyle categories and Insurance Advisor will ask either True/False or multiple-choice questions. Through the month of September, every time a client completed a different risk quiz they were automatically entered in a weekly drawing for a chance to win a $200 Amazon gift card. With this creative promotion, Safeco continues to expand customer engagement with voice assistant-technology.

Safeco Desktop Insurance Adviser Sweepstakes Promotion

September was also an important month for GEICO, as the firm introduced an Amazon Alexa Skill and rolled out a new mobile featured called Vehicle Care in a partnership with CARFAX. GEICO’s Alexa skill allows clients to check their policy balance and payment amount, pay their bill and send insurance cards through email and U.S. mail. With the firm’s Vehicle care feature, clients can track service history, receive alerts for upcoming service or inspections and find out about safety recalls. The firm’s new feature takes advantage of industry partnerships and promotes vehicle safety and mindfulness.

GEICO Mobile Vehicle Care Feature

Travelers and Progressive both expanded their one-time payment capabilities, offering clients more convenience in the billing process than ever before. Travelers improved their one-time payment feature, now allowing clients to make a one-time payment for future dates instead of exclusively on the current date. In August, Progressive implemented credit card prefill technology, allowing clients to quickly scan their credit card to make a one-time payment. With this addition, Progressive joins the growing number of P&C firms bringing this technology to the mobile experience.

Safeco implemented design changes, bringing the desktop style to the mobile app. The firm updated its mobile Billing overview screen, mirroring the tabular structure of the desktop’s format and introducing a blue color scheme. The design update, a continuation of the style implemented in the app’s introduction in February, is particularly strong as it increases the usability of all client payment features.