P&C Quarterly Mobile Highlights and Innovations

by on Dec 18, 2017

In the final quarter of 2017, mobile technology in the property and casualty (P&C) insurance space boasted some of the most robust changes of the year, ranging from design updates to new features adopting the latest technology.

In October, GEICO became the latest firm tracked by P&C Insurance Monitor to introduce a skill for Amazon Alexa, allowing users to check their policy balance and payment amount, pay their bill and send insurance cards through email and U.S. mail. Users must log in through the Alexa app to the enable the client-exclusive skill. With this addition, GEICO becomes the fifth firm to introduce an Alexa skill this year, making voice-assistant technology a standard in the P&C mobile experience. In a year that saw many firms embrace voice-assistant technology, GEICO’s Alexa skill offers one of the most versatile user experiences.

October was also an important month for Progressive and USAA, turning to the latest technology in their mobile apps. Progressive introduced a Facebook Messenger chatbot, using artificial intelligence to deliver one of the most sophisticated customer service chatbot experiences yet. Through Facebook’s messaging platform, users can receive quotes and ask insurance questions through interacting with the virtual spokesperson, Flo. The Flo chatbot vastly expands accessibility and brings a new level of convenience to getting an insurance quote, making it one of the most important P&C innovations of 2017. With a new Alexa skill currently in development, USAA embraced voice-assistance technology in another way, introducing a Siri-based account search. Through the verbal command, “Siri, what is my USAA account balance?,” the feature presents a client’s balance in the Siri window and links directly to the app’s home screen.


USAA Mobile App Siri Account Balances Setting and Siri Home Screen

The Hartford and Allstate both implemented design changes to select screens in their mobile apps in November. In addition to implementing a similar blue background to its public site, The Hartford enhanced its client login and home screens by adding tiles for access to Auto ID Cards, Roadside Assistance, Report a Claim and App Settings screens. Allstate updated its My Policies and Policy Details screens, implementing a cleaner, gray design and significantly more white space. These came as some of the few mobile design changes in a quarter dominated by the addition of new features.

New (Left) and Previous (Right) The Hartford Home Screen; Updated Allstate Policy Overview and Details Home Screen

As part of the trend to improve accessibility this quarter, USAA and The Hartford introduced widgets to their mobile apps. Previously only available for Android, USAA’s two new widgets for the iPhone display members’ accounts and recent transactions. The Hartford’s new widget provides clients with an iPhone 6S or later quick access to ID Cards, Billing, Roadside Assistance and Report a Claim screens.


New USAA and The Hartford Widgets