P&C Quarterly Mobile Highlights and Innovations

by on Aug 11, 2017

Over the past several months, P&C firms have continued to expand mobile capabilities, with changes spanning from new in-app payment options to updated designs. With these mobile innovations, firms demonstrate an industry-wide emphasis on customization, cross-platform experience consistency, efficient customer service and navigation-centric design.

In June, Farmer’s updated its one-time payment option by allowing clients to use a new credit card instead of a stored account. Clients can choose either to store or to forget the card information. This comes as only part of P&C firms’ efforts to expand mobile payment capabilities, with State Farm now allowing users to change their bill due dates within the app. This array of new capabilities is particularly strong as it offers clients a more customizable billing and payment experience.

Farmers Payment Method Screens

Progressive also enhanced the mobile payment experience, adding a PayPal option to the mobile app in June. Previously, clients could only use PayPal to make a payment on the private site. The one-time payment feature now routes clients to the mobile PayPal site to complete the payment on the current date. This update comes with the trend of P&C firms’ mirroring the in-app experience to that of the private site.

 Progressive Make a Payment Screen PayPal Option

In addition to the new mobile PayPal offering, Progressive added a mobile app chat tool, accessible from the slideout menu. Clients can enter questions in the text field and chat with representatives to answer any general or policy-related questions. The new chat tool, powered by Go Moxie, displays the representative’s name and date of the conversation.

Progressive Mobile Chat Tool

From May to August, firms also made several design improvements in their mobile apps, most notably MetLife and USAA. MetLife redesigned its app to employ a new white and blue color scheme and added a static horizontal menu to its home screen. USAA revamped the main navigation row of its mobile app.

USAA Mobile Navigation Menu