Personal Finance Game from Fidelity Targets Next Generation of Investors

by on Sep 20, 2018

Targeting recent college graduates, Fidelity’s new Five Money Musts program incorporates gamification and personal finance education strategies to jump start the next generation of investors. The game lets users make financial decisions as a recent graduate, including which job offer to take, where to live, how much to contribute to a 401(k) versus student loans and whether to apply for a credit card. The game then rates users based on these decisions, tallying scores in five key areas: Budget, Credit, Debt, Investment and Retirement. With a catchy, colloquial tone (e.g., “Nailed it”), the game appeals to young investors in an attempt to entice and capitalize on this yet-to-be-served market.

Fidelity Five Money Musts Game

At each decision point, large or small—like paying down student debt or going out to dinner—the user’s choice affects the overall stats for happiness, total cash and credit card balance. The game functions as a learning experience, providing feedback, clearly defining basic terms in lightbox pop-ups and encouraging players to make different decisions to earn higher scores.

Lightbox Definition, Stats and Progress Meter

With Five Money Musts, Fidelity has recognized the importance of educating college graduates on proper money management—handling credit card balances, setting aside emergency funds and saving toward retirement. No other firms tracked by Corporate Insight’s Broker Monitor and e-Monitor provide an equivalent service, but given the user-friendly and educational nature of the game, we expect to see other firms follow suit in targeting this untapped market.