Placing Trades on Facebook

by on Nov 07, 2017

In an effort to further simplify investors’ financial lives, TD Ameritrade added trading capabilities to its Facebook Messenger chat bot. Connecting with investors on a widely used platform that many millennials, Xers and boomers use on a daily basis further exemplifies the firm’s attempt to normalize investing by integrating it into clients’ daily lives. Knocking down the notion that investing is only for the adult, wealthy population, TD Ameritrade is focused on meeting consumers where they are—and currently, they are on Facebook.

The automated experience, which is available on mobile phones and desktops, guides investors through the equity and ETF trading process, immediately populating with next steps and requiring minimal effort from the investor. The experience removes some of the stress from investing, as the bot is able to provide assistance and recommendations based on user behavior. For example, typing in a symbol will reveal multiple options including the option to trade, view order options or educational videos. While chatting with the bot, investors can also view market updates or complete ACH transfers.


TD Ameritrade Chat Bot Trading

With the first Facebook chat bot to offer trading services, TD provides the option for clients to stay up-to-date with the markets and their portfolios, while simultaneously connecting with family and friends. This marks a major blending of clients’ financial and personal lives as TD clients can now manage accounts without logging onto the TD platform. Overall, it can help demystify investing, especially for millennial investors who grew up constantly checking Facebook.