Progress in eDelivery Offerings since 2016

by on Feb 19, 2019

In addition to its environmental and financial benefits, paperless delivery—or eDelivery—allows clients to view account-related documents with one click. In the January 2019 P&C Insurance Monitor Report, we analyzed all 19 of our coverage group firms’ eDelivery services and promotional efforts. Leading firms promote easily findable, dedicated eDelivery pages that facilitate seamless private site and mobile app enrollment. We last investigated this topic in 2016 and observed three notable changes in the intervening years: an increase in mobile app features, more incorporation of discounts and promotions, and contrasting changes in help resources.

Mobile App Features Rise

In 2016, less than half of firms (44%) allowed clients to enroll in eDelivery through a mobile app, but more than half of firms (53%) now boast this feature. Among coverage group firms, Travelers stands out for its omnichannel mobile app experience that exactly mirrors the private site functionality, design and appearance. The mobile app’s Delivery Preferences screen is findable within the Profile section, and the firm promotes it through a Go Paperless link and green leaf icon. Clients can view their current email addresses at the top of the screen and enroll in eDelivery using toggles. Farmers also provides a noteworthy omnichannel eDelivery experience, in which clients can sign up for eDelivery with one click through a Go All Paperless button.



Travelers Profile Screen and Farmers Go Paperless Screen


More Firms Incorporate Discounts and Promotions

In 2016, a quarter of firms included some sort of promotional content on the enrollment page or throughout the site. Now, close to half of firms (41%) highlight the convenience and environmental benefits of switching to paperless delivery. Further, more than a third (35%) frame eDelivery as a way for clients to achieve a discount. Markedly, Progressive is the only coverage group firm to outline explicitly how proposed eDelivery changes can impact clients’ premiums.


More Firms Provide FAQs But Fewer Provide Contextual Help

Even though eDelivery enrollment is a straightforward transaction, firms should still include help resources to ensure that the process flows seamlessly. Several firms (59%) link to paperless-specific FAQs, a significant increase from 2016 (37%). On the other hand, fewer firms offer more direct aid to clients in the form of contextual help—35% now versus 44% in 2016. The Hartford continues to rank as the only coverage group firm granting clients a preview of eDelivery documents through sample emails.


The Hartford Sample Email