Progressive Introduces New Flo Chatbot through Facebook Messenger

by on Nov 03, 2017

The growth of artificial intelligence technology has given rise to chatbots, and significantly decreased the amount of human interaction involved in customer service. From conversational responses with tone and emotion to basic suggested questions, chatbots are reshaping the way that users find solutions and firms improve their accessibility. Progressive is the latest firm to employ this technology, rolling out its Flo Chatbot. Combining Facebook’s popular Messenger platform and Flo, the Progressive Girl’s Facebook page, users can begin the insurance quote process, ask insurance questions and even have a conversation.

Progressive Flo Chatbot Get Started and Selection Screens

Progressive is not the first firm tracked by P&C Monitor to use Facebook’s messaging platform, as most provide a form of customer service through Facebook Messenger. However, this typically involves communicating with a customer service representative and not through AI technology. In the credit card field, TD Ameritrade and American Express boast advanced chatbot capabilities through Facebook Messenger. TD Ameritrade’s Facebook Messenger chatbot offers an in-depth customer service experience, giving users the option to receive a market update or a stock fund or index quote, and providing links to contact customer service. Similarly, American Express’s Amex bot answers frequently asked questions and gives customers quick access to real-time balances and Membership Rewards points, although customers must log in within Messenger.

TD Ameritrade and American Express Amex Bot Get Started Screens

Not only is the Flo Chatbot the first P&C Monitor firm to provide a quoting process through Messenger, what makes it unique is its ability to converse casually. Users can ask questions such as “How are you?” or “What is the weather like?” Even the quoting process, as the Flo Chatbot asks standard insurance information questions, flows conversationally.

Progressive Flo Chatbot Conversational Responses

While Wells Fargo experimented with a Facebook Messenger chatbot this past April, the most common form of this technology appears in-app or within the firm’s public site. Both USAA and GEICO currently have virtual assistants in their mobile apps, however these are limited to a finite number of informational commands. On its public site, Fidelity’s virtual assistant offers links to page-related FAQs, while Nationwide’s public site offers users a virtual claims assistant. Progressive is the first firm we track to bring the chatbot experience to social media.

Fidelity Virtual Assistant How Can I Help

Progressive’s chatbot on the world’s largest social media network is truly a game-changer among P&C firms. This not only vastly expands accessibility, but makes getting an insurance quote easier than ever by being readily available to over a billion users.