Prudential Personalizes Financial Wellness

by on Jul 11, 2017

As part of its recent private site revamp, Prudential expanded its educational resources with a wealth of articles, videos and recommendations. In an unusual arrangement, the firm allows prospects to create an account and save resources on a personalized My Financial Life microsite identical to the corresponding new private site section. The microsite allows anyone to access the same resources and recommendations available to clients, regardless of whether they own a Prudential product. This access is not unprecedented: prospects who have created a lifelong financial plan through the Your Life Visualized tool, for example, can use the same account to access the new materials. The My Financial Life microsite stands out, however, for offering private site content and capabilities.

Prudential My Financial Life Microsite – My Interests Page

A My Interests section, which is only available upon login, allows users to select up to 12 interests based on their personal and financial priorities. Interests range from the purely financial, such as understanding investing, to the personal, such as balancing relationships and money. The homepage and Financial Education sections then display content based on these selections: a prospect interested in preparing for retirement, for example, will see articles such as Investing for an Income Stream in Retirement and What Does Your Future Selfie Look Like?. A Favorites page collects resources when prospects select Add to Favorites, creating a library of references.

Prudential My Financial Life Microsite – Featured and Recommended for You Sections

With a wide range of resources and personalized educational content, Prudential’s My Financial Life microsite benefits prospects regardless of whether they own a Prudential product. For more information on how other firms are exploring new ways to engage financial services customers, check out our blog posts on Schwab’s Snapchat advertising, Empower Retirement’s millennial ad campaign and Capital One’s bus tour.