March 2018 Trends & Highlights: Women’s History Month, Technology and TD’s Transition of Scottrade

by on Apr 18, 2018


Women’s History Month – 15 firms across multiple industries addressed Women’s History Month, with nine posting on Facebook or Twitter for International Women’s Day on March 8. Ally Invest, TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab promoted International Women’s Day on multiple social media platforms and linked to relevant articles. Merrill Edge tweeted an infographic asserting that 51.5% of workers in management, professional and related occupations are women. Merrill Lynch promoted the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements and linked to a quiz assessing financial acumen on Twitter. Morgan Stanley and UBS promoted women who have made a historical difference, while Raymond James celebrated its female employees on Twitter. Wells Fargo Advisors posted twice on Twitter, advertising the day’s coverage on Bloomberg TV and sharing a video of the firm’s female Asset Management CEO.

Four other firms published related resources or promotional materials. Articles from Prudential and New York Life discuss retirement risks and challenges that women face. The National Association for Female Executives named Principal to its Top Companies for Executive Women list. MFS partnered with Redbook, creating a microsite with financial educational resources for women. Wells Fargo Advisors published a Women and Investing report that found women’s returns lead men’s returns on a risk-adjusted basis.

Technology – 11 firms promoted technology as it relates to the industry, the market or the individual firm. Morgan Stanley publicized a technology conference and linked to articles about industry trends, including augmented reality and 5G networks. AB discussed how the tech bubble led to a rise in passive investing. Lord Abbett discussed which components of electric vehicles need improvement before there is increased adoption, and American Century predicted that implementation will not impair oil demand. E*TRADE announced new technology that will allow futures traders to view real-time contract prices and make trades. Franklin Templeton published a white paper examining the impact of self-driving cars. Esurance added a new page with relevant articles and resources related to technology and safety.

MassMutual announced that eSignature technology will soon be available for annuity applications. The firm also promoted their Usage Maturity Model—which assesses advisors’ social media skills—and introduced LifeScore360, a publicly available underwriting algorithm. GEICO and Allstate introduced new skills that allow users to check their policy balances and provide users with educational resources for household tasks, respectively. 


TD Ameritrade Completes Transition of Scottrade

Scottrade integrated all accounts into the TD Ameritrade platform, and former Scottrade clients can now log in to TD using their Scottrade credentials. After Scottrade clients log in, the homepage presents a new welcome section listing what moved from Scottrade (balances, positions and most open orders) and what clients need to establish (money movement, alerts and dividend reinvestment). Links to View All reveal a detailed list in the Welcome Center, as outlined below. A video offers an overview of the entire site and how-to instructions for services like transferring funds, adding a new financial institution, trading via the trade ticket or SnapTicket, viewing research, viewing educational content and using the virtual assistant. The video notes that all watch lists created with Scottrade were automatically transferred. The firm could not transfer alerts, requiring clients to re-enable all alerts.

Private Site Homepage Welcome Sections

Charles Schwab Revamped the Schwab Workplace Retirement Mobile App

The firm overhauled its mobile app design, home screen, navigational structure and educational resources. The design now matches the look and feel of the participant site. A new login screen displays market quotes, and participants can set passcodes to re-authenticate their devices quickly after the initial login. An anchored navigation menu appears at the bottom of screens with four options: Accounts, Markets, Media Center and Extras. Previously, home screen quick links were the only points of access for these areas of the app. The new Media Center includes a Market Update audio recording and three in-depth seminars that cover investing and general finance principles. The updated home screen includes new tiled sections that display the contribution rate, year-to-date contributions, rate of return and investment holdings information. Additional links lead to related existing screens. The home screen’s existing contribution, asset class and position donut charts now link to Details screens with percentage breakdowns.

Revamped Mobile App Login, Home and Media Center Screens