February 13, 2019

The Latest Trends and Innovations in Mobile Finance – Slide Deck

The mobile channel has become a strategic priority for financial services firms looking to attract and retain younger clients. Nearly all large and mid-sized financial intuitions allocate sizeable budgets devoted to improving their mobile properties, focusing on mobile app enhancements. In 2018, Corporate Insight’s Mobile Monitor service saw banks, card providers, brokerages and asset management […]
May 22, 2017

Mobile Finance: 2017 Trends and Innovations

The mobile channel is increasingly important to retail financial services firms. This is driven by a variety of factors, including the widespread adoption of smartphones, more powerful phone operating systems and, crucially, the rise of Millennial customers. In our February 2016 survey of online investors, 71% of Millennials indicated that they had logged into their […]
February 24, 2016

Slide Deck: 2016 Mobile Finance Trends and Innovations

2015 saw financial institutions continue their shift toward a mobile-centric approach, as this channel quickly becomes the primary means of interaction between consumers and firms. According to a March 2015 report from the Federal Reserve, 35% of mobile phone users with a bank account used mobile banking in 2014, up 150% from 2010. Additionally, 52% […]
February 20, 2015

Slide Deck: Mobile Finance Trends and Innovations (December 2014)

The mobile channel continues to become an increasingly important means for consumers to interact with financial services providers. A case in point: according to the Federal Reserve, 51% of all smartphone owners have used mobile banking in the last 12 months, and interest among non-users suggests this number will only continue to rise. The Fed also […]
March 06, 2014

Mobile Monitor First Look: BB&T, PNC Virtual Wallet, Popular Community Bank & Santander Bank

CI’s Mobile Monitor currently tracks 22 firms, a group that features mobile finance innovators from across the financial services industry. In this slide deck, we examine the mobile apps offered by four firms from outside our Mobile Monitor coverage group – BB&T, Popular Community Bank and Santander Bank and PNC (with a focus on Virtual […]
February 04, 2014

Mobile Finance: 2014 Trends and Innovations

Mobile usage continues to grow, with an ever-greater portion of total Internet traffic coming via a smartphone or tablet – rising above 15% in 2013. Mobile gives companies a chance to deepen relations with customers as well as reach targeted demographics such as Millennials or the underbanked. With this in mind, Corporate Insight has been […]
December 05, 2013

Online Personal Financial Management: A Closer Look at Manilla and Mint

In recent years, numerous personal financial management (PFM) tools have emerged online. These tools give consumers a detailed view of their finances, allowing them to effectively budget and manage their money. Many of the PFMs offer both easy-to-use online interfaces and mobile apps to manage finances on-the-go. This slide deck analyzes two of the major […]
October 31, 2013

Slide Deck – Senior Citizens and Mobile Finance: Design and Support Solutions to Empower the Senior Set

Recent studies by the Pew Research Center and Sachs Insights focus on a growing segment of mobile device users – senior citizens. This demographic tends to have its own distinct uses for smartphones and tablets, but they also struggle with a unique set of challenges. When it comes to health, wellness and travel, many of the elderly […]
September 10, 2013

GoBank Breaks the Mold

Launched in June 2013, GoBank was created as a mobile banking platform with Millennials and avid smartphone users in mind as target banking customers. Since these customers prefer mobile, electronic transactions to paper or teller interactions, GoBank’s full line of banking capabilities is available via mobile app. The bank is also branch-less with a wide […]