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Breaking New Ground

Corporate Insight’s special studies are syndicated research works on key issues in financial services. Conceived and written by our consulting team, these large-scale reports typically break new ground. A great example: “Social Media: Trends and Tactics in the Financial Services Industry” was the first comprehensive analysis of how companies across the spectrum of financial services use social media.

To “Friend” Is the Trend: Social Media & Financial Services Today PDF Print E-mail
Corporate Insight is pleased to announce the publication of our study on social media, To “Friend” Is the Trend: Social Media & Financial Services Today. An update to our 2008 study on the topic, this nearly 300 page report reviews the social media tactics used by over 70 brokerage firms, banks, credit card issuers, annuity issuers and mutual fund companies that Corporate Insight tracks for its Monitor services. Our comprehensive analysis highlights industry trends and best practices in online communities, blogs and popular third-party social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We also provide recommendations to help financial institutions succeed in this space, as well as cope with the compliance challenge and measure the effectiveness of their social media efforts.