Slide Deck: 2015 in Credit Card Apps, Payments and Rewards

by on Feb 16, 2016


With awards season wrapped up, we at Corporate Insight would like to highlight some of the more expansive changes Credit Card Monitor firms have made to improve their customer service and desktop site and mobile app designs. We prepared this slide deck to give an overview of 2015; while many changes and redesigns were not universal, they do mark shifts in the focus to improve the customer experience and raise the bar across the industry.

A few general highlights include:

  1. Firms incorporated responsive elements into redesigns, placing increased attention on a seamless experience across desktop and mobile platforms.
  1. Payments services remain ripe for firm innovation and branding – while many have adopted the Apple, Android and Samsung Pay trifecta, some are also exploring in-house offerings. Additionally, some firms are competing with the Visa Checkout and MasterCard Pay Pass online payments services with their own branding.
  1. Several firms updated their rewards programs, adding unique options and expanding redemptions to mobile apps and partnerships to pay at retailers.

We present this slide deck as both a commendation and survey of the progress over the course of 2015 – and we look forward to much more throughout 2016.To keep track of all recent industry developments, read our biweekly Credit Card Monitor Updates.

2015 in Credit Card Apps, Payments and Rewards from
Corporate Insight
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