February 2013: Mobile Apps, Tablet Apps and Mobile Websites

This SBCM report takes a look at the account services available to small business cards holders via mobile phones and tablets. We were happy to see that seven of our eight covered SBCM firms give their customers the option to manage their account while on-the-go. We specifically examined the apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Android tablet as well as mobile-supported websites.  For each of the seven SBCM firm, we analyze the apps available to customers and the mobile-supported websites. The account information and services examined in this report include account details, account activities, payment capabilities and other related account services, such as account alerts. The report also mentions resourceful information available to customers via these devices, including FAQs and the firm’s contact information. Although not a main focus for this report, we do mention if the firm provides consistency among all device platforms.
In our research, we found that the seven SBCM firms offer apps for the iPhone and Android, six SBCM firms offer an iPad app and two SBCM firms offer an Android tablet app. All seven SBCM firms offer a mobile-supported website. Business card holders can check their account details and transaction information on all devices among the seven SBCM firms. The transaction archive and user-friendly capabilities vary from firm to firm. Two SBCM firms offer the lengthiest archive of 24 months. As for filter, sorting and search tools within the transaction history section, three SBCM firms offer two or more of these user-friendly features.

All seven SBCM firms allow clients to schedule card payments via mobile phones and/or tablet apps. While the option to schedule one-time payments is available for the seven SBCM firms, two SBCM firms offer recurring payment options. As for user-friendly features for payment capabilities, we found that five of the seven SBCM firms facilitate the card payment experience by featuring pre-set payment amounts.

Other account management services available on mobile phones and/or tablets vary by firm. Three SBCM firms allow clients to manage account and security alerts, while two SBCM firms offer the option to update account nicknames. Two SBCM firms also allow clients to manage their rewards earnings while logged on to their account via a mobile device.