May 2018 – Managing Business Spending on the Go: Mobile Transaction History

Reviewing transaction history is an important feature of the mobile app experience, particularly for small business owners who manage spending on the go. To serve user needs, card issuers must present archives with extensive detail and robust capabilities. This report analyzes how 11 apps from the nine firms in the Small Business Card Monitor coverage group display transaction history. We evaluate findability, archive length, detail presentation, search tools and transactional capabilities.

Small business owners can find full transaction lists in one or two taps with most apps, though the average archive length of 20 months falls short of the 24 months we hoped to see from each. In terms of specifics, six apps (45%) stood out for only providing essential details in the main listing, while one app failed to provide additional details on the dedicated transaction screen. Keyword search is nearly universal (91%) and combined with advanced filters for a comprehensive search tool in eight apps (73%). Transactional capabilities are rare—provided by only five firms (45%)—and seldom include small-business-focused tools such as receipt matching and transaction tagging.

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