Social Media Leaders Report Excerpt – Effective Social Communication

by on Jul 19, 2012

altThe following is an excerpt  from our Social Media Leaders report focusing on how financial services firms can more effectively communicate with their audience via the social channel.

Communicate In a Manner Appropriate to Social Channel & Industry
Part of the power of social media lies in the fact that large corporations can engage clients and prospects on a personal level. To achieve a personal connection with their audience, though, firms need to use an appropriate tone. That tone can vary from one social network to another, and even from account to account within the same social network. For instance, informal, pithy comments may be appropriate for mascot accounts on Facebook and Twitter, but customer service Twitter accounts and blogs offering marketing commentary or financial insight should use a more formal tone to convey the seriousness of the issues being discussed.

While tone and content are important, so too is the volume of communication that a firm generates. Facebook followers are likely to grow annoyed and stop following a page that dominates their Facebook feed with hourly messages. Users have a different set of expectations on Twitter, where firms can post tens or potentially even hundreds of times a day without upsetting their followers. In terms of blogs, it’s important that the audience have enough time to read and process the information that’s published so posting more than once a day may cause more harm than good. Again, the key is to strike the right tone and post at the right frequency to cement the bond between the firm and its fans or followers.

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