T. Rowe Price Turns Focus to Children, Introduces Kid-Friendly Financial Education Website

by on Jul 17, 2013

T. Rowe Price Kids LogoT. Rowe Price recently unveiled a new Money Confident Kids site, aimed at helping children understand basic financial concepts. The new web page provides interactive resources for parents, educators and children aimed at explaining finances in an engaging way.

New T. Rowe Price Money Confident Kids Website
New T. Rowe Price Money Confident Kids Website

Money Confident Kids Site Resources

Parents are offered a section featuring quizzes and advice on how to talk to kids about money matters. For example, T. Rowe Price recommends using the bill at a restaurant as a moment where parents can explain basic concepts like the cost of each item and how to calculate a tip. Parents can also submit stories and read about what basic concepts kids should know about.

T. Rowe Price also provides advice for educators looking to provide some basic financial literacy to their students. The site offers several lesson plans explaining saving and inflation, with downloadable resources such as a Certificate of Achievement. T. Rowe includes access to Maryland Financial Literacy Standards as well, for teachers who want or need to sync their lessons with the state’s requirements.

For kids, the new site offers a previously available Disney Great Piggy Bank Adventure, in which players choose a character and complete tasks to earn enough “truffles” to purchase an item. Players advance through a game world by rolling dice and answering questions to earn points, all the while their saved truffles gain interest. Quiz questions deal in simple topics like saving to pay for purchases. The site also boasts three smaller games: The Truffle Shuffle, Hide ‘n’ Peek and the groan-worthy Hedge Fun, which center around collecting coins while evading a wolf and inflation (i.e. beating a timer).

Hedge Fun Game
Hedge Fun Game
Concluding Thoughts
Establishing a strong foundation of financial education at a young age goes a long way in helping children to effectively manage their money as adults. T. Rowe Price’s new Money Confident Kids site offers parents and educators valuable advice and engaging resources to use with children when educating them about these all-important financial topics