Taking the Robo out of Robo-Advice: TD Ameritrade’s Green Room Guy Heads up New Ad Campaign

by on Feb 08, 2017

The brokerage industry has seen an explosion of new digital advice offerings over the past year. Because many of these offerings provide investors comparable returns at comparable prices, it has become increasingly important that these firms distinguish themselves from competitors, and corporate branding is an obvious way to do so. Shortly following the launch of Essential Portfolios, its digital investment platform, TD Ameritrade launched a new ad campaign centered around the “Green Room,” a place where individuals are encouraged to talk candidly about their financial situation with an unintimidating listener.

TD Ameritrade Green Room Ad Campaign

The campaign features three commercials—one of which has not yet aired—where fictional investors share their stories with the “Green Room Guy.” During these conversations, he listens patiently and facilitates jargon-free discussions about finances and investment goals and offers solutions that may work best for the investor’s situation. The investors portrayed in the commercials are relatable to many: the busy mom juggling a career, family and personal obligations, a couple that feels uncomfortable discussing investing with an amount that other firms deemed “pocket change” and a woman wishing to discuss her retirement goals. Through these commercials, the firm effectively debunks commonly held beliefs that investing requires a significant amount of time, money and sacrifice.

Overall, the firm’s use of the Green Room in its new ad campaign is a unique way to promote its corporate identity and personify its digital advice tools in tandem. The campaign aims to accomplish three main goals: it provides inspiring and relevant narratives to avoid alienating potential investors, it implies that clients are never alone in their investment journey, and it effectively takes the robo out of robo-advising by putting a human face to the digital advice services.