TD Ameritrade U Aims to Educate Millennial Investors

by on Apr 16, 2014

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TD_Ameritrade_UThe severe market volatility of the past 15 years has had a major impact on the attitudes of the Millennial generation towards money management and investment practices. This skepticism is exacerbated by a general lack of knowledge of financial markets among young investors. TD Ameritrade is taking the initiative to educate the Millennial generation on investing fundamentals through its TD Ameritrade U program.

The Program
The TD Ameritrade U program is meant to be used in the college classroom, and provides professors and college students with free access to TD Ameritrade’s paperMoney virtual account and thinkorswim trading platform. The program teaches investing fundamentals to students and allows them to apply financial and economic theories into practice. Students can conduct virtual trades via the paperMoney virtual account and thinkorswim trading platform. In addition, professors can establish individual trading drills, conduct semester-long competitions, develop trading strategies with students, award badges for individual trading achievements, monitor students’ individual trading performances and keep a trading log.


TD Ameritrade U – Public Website
Closing Thoughts
The TD Ameritrade U program is a great start for financial firms that find it important to educate the next generation of investors. The program provides educational content that is engaging and allows students to cooperate with one another while learning financial investment strategies. Finally, the program enhances students’ financial literacy, allows them to practice investment fundamentals and lets them learn the importance of financial independence.