TD Embraces Non-Proprietary Platforms

by on May 09, 2018

Developing in-house proprietary platforms for new or existing user bases is not only expensive, it is also difficult to attract users who will adopt them. One solution is to build an application on top of a popular platform with millions of users. Through applications on Facebook, Twitter or digital assistants like Alexa, firms can access an established, active user base in the millions or even billions. On this front, one firm out of the 18 in Corporate Insight’s e-Monitor coverage group is leading the way: TD Ameritrade.

This week, the firm announced the launch of Apple Business Chat support. Available for iOS 11.3 users, Apple Business Chat—a customer-business communication tool currently in beta testing—allows users to communicate directly with a business through the Apple iPhone/iPad Messages app. According to TD Ameritrade’s Head of Partnerships and Emerging Tech, nearly 75% of the firm’s millions of clients use an iPhone or an iPad. The introduction of chat support therefore increases customer service options. Using Apple Business Chat, clients and non-clients alike can get stock quotes and market updates, access the firm’s educational materials, converse with a live TD agent and more. Additionally, authenticated clients can check balances, access tax documents and even place trades.

Apple Business Chat Promo

iOS users can trigger the chatbot by searching “TD Ameritrade” in either Safari, Maps, Search or Siri and selecting the Chat with Messages link, which launches a Messages app conversation with the firm. The first message initiates a dialogue with the chatbot, which presents a welcome message, a list of interaction options—such as asking for a quote or update—and a Main Menu button. Users interact with the chatbot by either typing a request directly or using the Main Menu button. Typing a stock, fund or index symbol calls up a snapshot detailing price and information. Conversely, selecting Main Menu presents the user with a ready-made list of actions the chatbot can autonomously perform. The Main Menu features the following sections: New from Scottrade?, Get a Quote, Track the Market, Check My Accounts, Learn about Investing, Open an Account, FAQs and Chat with a Live Agent. Selecting and sending any of these options prompts a response from the chatbot as well as an additional submenu.


TD Ameritrade Apple Business Chat

This launch follows another notable foray into non-proprietary platform usage. February saw the debut of a TD Ameritrade Twitter messenger chatbot—covered in the Corporate Insight February 2018 Trends & Highlights blog post—through which users can access features similar to those available in Apple Business Chat.