The Changing Face of Financial Advice: 2015 and Beyond Study

by on Apr 29, 2015

Corporate Insight is proud to announce the release of our latest study, The Changing Face of Financial Advice: 2015 and Beyond! The study analyzes the challenges that financial advisors face in serving their clients, opportunities that exist for improving current customer satisfaction and acquiring new clients, and how the FA-client relationship is poised to evolve due to industry, demographic and technological factors.

Some of the questions addressed in this study include:

  • To what degree do advisors understand the customer experience elements that matter most to investors?
  • What makes clients end a relationship with a financial advisor?
  • Which “robo” advisor models pose the greatest threat to the traditional brokerage advisory model?
  • Which technologies are most helpful to financial advisors and their clients?
  • How can financial advisors improve their offerings to enhance client satisfaction?


For more information and to purchase your firm’s copy of the full study, please contact Grace Lei at 646-929-5148 or .