The Golden Age of Audio: Financial Podcasts Proliferate in 2017

by on Dec 05, 2017

Last May, Corporate Insight explored how podcasts were spreading as a marketing tool and described how this rapidly growing medium was impacting the financial services sector. Our last review profiled five podcasts from leading asset managers. Since then, industry juggernauts Fidelity and BlackRock have upped their podcast game. In early 2017, Fidelity began the Market Insights podcast to provide commentary and analysis of global and domestic market trends. In May and June, the firm launched two additional podcasts: Rethinking Time and The Future According to Now. Rethinking Time explores the intricacies of portfolio construction. The Future According to Now is a collaborative series from Fidelity and The Atlantic that examines advancing technologies and the implications these have on the world in terms of daily life, markets and the economy. A full episode library is available on the Fidelity advisor website.

Fidelity – The Future According to Now Episode Five

In July, BlackRock posted the inaugural episode of The Bid, a podcast examining how market trends and the economic cycle impact investors. Past episodes cover market forecasting, the impact of low inflation, tax reform and geopolitical risks. The Bid is not available in traditional audio streaming services but can found through a dedicated page on the financial professionals website. To date, 55% of firms in the Asset Management Monitor – Advisor coverage group offers a podcast. It appears that many firms are looking to capitalize on the new golden age of audio.

BlackRock – The Bid Episode One