Three Tips for Positioning Your Experts as Asset Management Thought Leaders

by on Apr 18, 2013

Thought LeadershipThe first installment in our Thought Leadership Series focused on defining thought leadership and how leading firms are marketing their industry experts. Once you have identified your market experts, how do you use them to draw consumers and advisors to your site? Top asset management firms use these methods to position individuals as leaders in the field:

#1 Offer Regular Commentary Series – Top thought leaders offer regular insights into the markets, giving advisors a reason to frequently return to the site and making it easier to remember the names of key experts. If materials are produced on a fixed schedule, advisors will have a good reason to come back for more. Federated is one firm that excels at providing regular features from its experts, and the firm’s Orlando’s Outlook series offers weekly commentaries on policy and macro-economic conditions in the U.S.

#2 Promote Thought Leaders Prominently Online – Even the most nuanced and detailed examinations of the economy will be of limited value if advisors aren’t aware of resources. To counteract this, the top firms prominently promote thought leaders, for example, with large images featured on the homepage and throughout the site. Lord Abbett frequently includes homepage images linking to video and audio commentary from Senior Economist, Milton Ezrati, who offers regular insights into the economy in his Economic Insights series.

#3 Focus, Focus, Focus! – While there’s something to be said for comprehensive discussions, top thought leaders tend to hone their message and present themselves as experts on a given topic. This way, advisors come to associate them with a particular issue and turn to them when they need insights on that issue. Eaton Vance’s Andrew H. Friedman, for example, strongly focuses his message and provides regular discussions of policy in his Eaton Vance on Washington Insights series as well as his Mailbag feature, in which reader questions are answered.

Eaton Vance Andrew Friedman
Eaton Vance’s Thought Leader Andrew Friedman

We are proud to introduce CI’s new Thought Leadership Series on the Corporate Insight Blog. Starting in May, we will be releasing a monthly article that recaps the most popular and effective asset management thought leadership pieces from the previous month.