TIAA-CREF is now TIAA: Rebranding through a Brand New Website

by on Mar 30, 2016

In early March, TIAA-CREF rebranded to TIAA and launched a completely redesigned public site.

New_TIAA_Public_Homepage-1.pngWhat separates TIAA’s redesign from other revamps is that the changes are all tailored to contribute to reconceiving not just the physical website, but the firm’s brand, image and mission. The public site press release announcing the rebranding quotes TIAA’s chief marketing officer Connie Weaver who claims, “This is more than a name change; this is a game change.” In an interview with Benefit News, Ms. Weaver notes that five generations of individuals work with TIAA, and that the firm must strive to remain relevant to all of them. She argues that the new straightforward website and shorter name embody TIAA’s effort to appeal to a wider audience. She also highlights the site’s incorporation of real client stories, which represent the choices and decisions people are forced to make at various life stages, as part of TIAA’s ongoing effort to reach a broader range of individuals.

Rebranding from TIAA-CREF to TIAA symbolizes a transition towards a direct and uncomplicated approach. Accordingly, the new public website accentuates simplicity. It does not include any of the complex industry jargon or dense analysis from the previous site. This approach is consistent with the growing popularity of the minimalist design technique, which holds that creating a simplistic website with few flashy distractions forces prospects to focus on the site’s content instead of on the superfluous bells and whistles. Further, in her interview with Benefit News, Ms. Weaver notes that the new mobile-friendly site only features about 750 pages, compared to over 2,500 on the previous site. While perhaps slightly misleading since the pages on the new site are significantly longer than before, this statistic is representative of the firm’s efforts to streamline its message and content.


New Public Site Annuities Page

Prospects visiting the new site for the first time receive a walkthrough of new features and content through a lightbox presentation. The animated presentation illustrates the site’s navigation, login process, resources, language and responsive design in four sections highlighted in a progress meter. This useful site introduction helps clients adjust to the changes and educates both clients and prospects on the firm’s goals in the redesign.


New Public Site See What’s New Site Introduction Lightbox Slide

For a full breakdown of all new site features and design, see our March 7, 2016 Annuity Monitor biweekly update (Corporate Insight client login required).