Transamerica and Nationwide Unveil New Public Sites

by on Feb 21, 2018

Both Transamerica and Nationwide released a new look for their public sites in the first quarter of the year, introducing navigational changes and improved content. However, Transamerica fails to promote all its products, while Nationwide neglected to revamp the entirety of its site, resulting in disjointed navigation. Still, both firms offer general improvements, encouraging prospect engagement with a fresh appearance, enhanced resources and increased promotion.


Transamerica revamped its public site to feature much more content on its existing Be Well Build Wealth campaign. The firm revamped existing blogs and added a collection of resources to educate prospects and clients on the intersection between financial and physical health. In addition, its new app, released around the same time as the revamp, tracks clients’ financial and health goals side-by-side. While the revamp effectively promotes the firm’s brand campaign, it no longer displays any variable annuity information. Prospects can still use search to find these pages in the old site’s format, but only the first tab of the multi-tabbed page is accessible.

Transamerica Public Site Homepage (Truncated)


Nationwide also revamped its public site, adding a new homepage , goal-oriented overview pages and navigation scheme for updated pages. The new navigation lets prospects easily find product pages, in addition to relevant educational articles featured in each product-type flyout menu. However, other than the overview pages, each linked page employs the old design and navigation, harming overall site usability. The revamp also introduced a notable life insurance tool platform, which integrates the firm’s existing three life insurance tools into one platform that guides prospects through a virtual tour of a house as they answer each tool’s questions and learn about the types of life insurance.

Nationwide Public Site Homepage (Truncated)

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