Tuesday Tips – Five Ways to Enhance Advisor Social Media and Tablet Education Resources

by on Oct 30, 2012

tuesday_tips_smallTuesday Tips serves to help financial services firms improve a key aspect of the online user experience. Recommendations are taken directly from our Monitor Reports and Consulting Services research, which cover the banking, brokerage, credit card, asset management and insurance industries.

This week’s recommendations come from our Advisor Monitor report titled Social Media and Tablet Resources: Tips to Streamline the Advisor Business and focus on ways asset management firms can improve the social media and tablet education resources they provide their advisors:

#1 Centralize and Promote Resources – While it is unlikely that organizations in our coverage group will generate enough resources on technology use to warrant a whole site section devoted to the issue, it is ideal for social media and tech materials to be located together. Only 25% of companies include homepage promotions, and 50% of institutions organize materials effectively in logical sections of the site. While many resources in this report could only be located via a site search, firms such as Putnam and Lord Abbett excel at promoting their resources by organizing them into easy to find outlets.

#2 Provide Concrete, Actionable Steps – The arena of technology and social media is still new to many advisors. Firms can add value to their sites by providing direct, actionable advice for clients to improve their web presence and productivity with technology. Direct, concrete advice is stronger than general statements. BlackRock excels at providing exactly this sort of advice. The firm’s resources repeatedly provide clear recommendations for advisors to improve their web preference that can readily be adapted into an action plan. For example, the firm’s Can Google Find You? guide provides direct advice for improving an advisor practice’s likelihood of being found in an online keyword search by including essential keywords in HTML documents and attaching meta tags of likely keywords.

BlackRock Can Google Find You? Guide

#3 Move Beyond Social Media – There is no doubt that social media is today’s buzz term for companies seeking to increase their online presence. This does not mean that other aspects of a digital presence should be ignored, and our top scorers include discussions of how best to incorporate tablets and mobile technologies into an asset management practice, as well as how best to use emails and webcasts in client interactions. Fifty percent of businesses examined include discussions of this sort. iShares excels in providing in depth discussions of how to use email in communications with clients and the differences between webinars and conference calls. The firm offers an in-depth discussion in webinar of tech topics addressing a wide range of issues beyond simply how to leverage social media.

iShares Advisor Webinar

#4 Top Firms Incorporate Tech Tips Into Existing Communications Styles – Maintaining consistency with other materials on a site can keep advisors comfortable with resources and likely to explore their content. Top firms follow familiar formats in presenting their resources to advisors. For example, Lord Abbett presents its social media tips as commentaries within the Practice Management series, providing a straightforward communication medium for advisors familiar with the site.

#5 For Timely Content, Blogs May Be Best – Discussions of social media and tablet technology are inherently beholden to the trending topic of the moment. Accordingly, the subject matter lends itself quite well to a blog format, with firms allowing advisors to submit questions and contribute to the conversation. Putnam’s recently-launched Advisor Tech Tips blog provides a good example, allowing advisors to submit tech- or social-related questions, which the firm will theoretically address in the future.

Putnam Advisor Tech Tips Blog

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