Tuesday Tips – Five Ways to Improve Annuity Sales Resources for Advisors

by on Nov 06, 2012

tuesday_tips_smallTuesday Tips serves to help financial services firms improve a key aspect of the online user experience. Recommendations are taken directly from ourMonitor Reports and Consulting Services research, which cover the banking, brokerage, credit card, asset management and insurance industries.

This week’s recommendations come from our Annuity Monitor report titledAdvisor Sales Resources: Product Literature, Marketing Materials and More and focus on ways annuity issuers can improve the online sales resources they offer advisors:

#1 Offer easy access to sales materials upon login – Product literature and marketing materials are among the most essential advisor resources offered online. Thus, it is imperative that firms prominently display their resources and offer straightforward navigation to all available items. Firms should position literature and marketing materials under a dedicated tab in the main navigation menu or offering direct links on the advisor homepage.

#2 Clearly present literature content in centralized location – All marketing materials should be located in a central location to minimize navigation and confusion. Properly organizing and introducing the advisor resources is also important. Items should be properly spaced and easy to distinguish. Brief descriptions and thumbnail image previews should also be provided for each item, while additional details, such as target audience and file type, are added benefits. The Hartford consolidates all materials in a literature center that neatly displays all items. Each of The Hartford’s literature pieces is accompanied by a cover image, item code, last updated date, audience and a brief description.

Hartford Online Literature Center

#3 Provide a diverse selection of marketing materials – The sales materials offered to advisors should go beyond individual product-focused items, such as brochure and fact cards, to discuss a variety of sales themes and strategies. Complementary marketing materials should include flyers, seminar resources, prospecting letters and worksheets that advisors can utilize to communicate pertinent information in an engaging manner. Allianz Life, MassMutual and Nationwide offer some of the more unique resources, including account opening handbooks, case studies and investor profiles. Many of their educational items also cover different key demographics, including women, young investors and nearing retirement.

#4 Make marketing materials not only informative, but also attractive – It goes without saying that the value of any literature piece is inherently linked to the level of detail offered in the content. However, the appearance and design can play a big role in attracting interest and could play a big role in whether the piece ever gets read. As such, firms should make the extra effort to include a consistent color scheme, vibrant imagery and creative themes in both literature and marketing pieces which is exemplified by Allianz Life and The Hartford. The two firms stood out in their overall presentation of materials including a multitude of images, graphs and statistics for users to easily view.

MassMutual Retire Confidently Brochure

#5 Utilize sales campaign themes to bolster the value of advisor marketing resources – Integrating sales campaign themes into literature items is an excellent way to stir up interest among prospective clients. The familiarity bred by sales campaigns, which are often promoted both online and in other mediums, gives the piece an engaging, fresh theme and enhances the overall presentation of the information. ING and Lincoln Financial excel in their sales themed-promotions that are consistent among a plethora of literature items. Both firms focus on various investment strategies targeting different products and audiences. Lincoln Financial also dedicates materials to more unique sales ideas, such as foundation income and domestic partnership.

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