Upcoming Conference: Attending Blockchains + Digital Currencies

by on Jul 26, 2016

Blockchains_and_DigitalCurrencies2016_SplashLogo_03Corporate Insight will attend the Blockchains + Digital Currencies conference on July 28, 2016, in New York, New York. The one-day event will allow industry executives, regulators and providers to gather and exchange information on trends in the blockchain and digital currency space.

In 2009, cryptographer Satoshi Nakamoto released mining software that allowed people to create a digital currency that could be exchanged anywhere in a matter of seconds. Behind mining a bitcoin lies a computing process to help process transactions among peers. The system behind the currency is the blockchain. The blockchain, or “ledger of all transactions owned and monitored by everyone but ultimately controlled by none,” is a public entity that anyone can use but that no one can erase. When applied to data, its possible uses are endless, and accordingly, it has become a popular topic in financial news this year.

According to its website, the conference will build on the momentum of this trending topic through an agenda of 36 panelists and speakers covering a “broad range of applications and issues facing this budding industry, from the practical benefits of shared ledgers for financial institutions to the disruptive implications for areas like micropayments and prediction markets.”

Events include a debate on permissioned versus permissionless blockchains, a Banks Take the Plunge session examining blockchain and digital currency technology in relation to banks, a speech from Peter Loop, Associate Vice President – Principal Technology Architect at Infosys Finacle, about leveraging the blockchain competitively, and sessions addressing if the blockchain can help with data standards and systemic transparency.

Corporate Insight will provide coverage of highlights from the conference and its topics in the coming weeks.