USAA and GEICO Roll Out Chatbot and Augmented Reality Technology

by on May 03, 2018

Earlier in the year, Allstate became the first firm in the P&C Monitor coverage group to develop Amazon Echo Show capabilities with its Good Hacks skill, while GEICO became the first P&C firm to develop voice-assistant capabilities through Google Home. Here is an early look at two other promising technologies soon to make an impact in the industry.

USAA’s recently launched My Labs microsite lets clients beta-test new technology or participate in product pilots before release. The latest pilot is the USAA Facebook Messenger Bot that offers a new medium to manage account information or service basic insurance needs. Similar to Progressive’s Flo Chatbot, released in the fall of 2017, clients can converse with the bot via Facebook’s Messenger platform to access account information and services, get a quote and ask general insurance questions. Though only available from March 18 to June 17, clients enroll in the pilot through the private site My Labs page with a Facebook ID and current member email address. With this platform, USAA could vastly expand its customer service capabilities.

New Facebook Messenger Bot

One of the more exciting new technological advancements is augmented reality, which super-imposes computer-generated images on a user’s view of the real world. Still in its early stages, this technology is poised to improve on-road safety, particularly in motorcycle helmets and car windshields. GEICO clients using the latest iPhone models (6s and above) can access GEICO Explore, an augmented reality experience that displays nearby gas stations and allows clients to locate their cars. Expect firms to continue to creatively develop augmented reality technology to improve on-road services and the claims process.

As chatbots and augmented reality platforms expand, P&C firms must continue to take full advantage of these technologies to reach and engage customers.