USAA Introduces Siri-Based Account Search

by on Oct 26, 2017

With the rise of voice-assistant technology has come a flourishing market of artificial intelligence devices such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home product series, with increasingly more robust voice-assistant capabilities. The digital mobile experience is certainly no exception, with Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant becoming more prevalent among the mobile insurance, banking and finance voice-assistant features. USAA’s newest mobile capability has entered the P&C playing field, introducing a Siri-based account search to the app. After enabling Siri Account Balance in the External Access section of the Setting screen, clients can simply ask, “Siri, what is my account balance?” and view the current balance outside of the app on the Siri homescreen. This new capability not only vastly expands the app’s usability but also opens the door to more advanced account actions through verbal command.

USAA Mobile App Siri Account Balances Setting and Siri Home Screen

USAA joins an elite few, with Discover and Fifth Third Bank as the only other firms to offer similar account capabilities through Siri. Discover’s mobile app allows clients to make a credit card payment outside of the app through Siri, only requiring a verbal command specifying the amount. To use this feature, clients must enable Touch ID and a Siri Make a Payment option in the app. Similarly, Fifth Third clients can enable Siri to send peer-to-peer payments verbally using their device’s built-in virtual assistant.

Discover Mobile App Siri Account Balances and Fifth Third Bank Enable Siri Screens

USAA’s Siri-based search is a major development in the P&C mobile industry, with many firms just beginning to scratch the surface of voice-assistant technology. Accessibility and payment transactions are just two of the areas that will be impacted as voice-assistant technology continues to grow in the mobile user experience. Expect to see similar Siri-based search features develop across the P&C mobile industry.