Vanguard Unveils Modern and User-Friendly Retirement Plan Sponsor Website

by on Apr 20, 2017

Vanguard Retirement Plan Access, the firm’s 401(k) offering for small and mid-sized plans, recently overhauled its plan sponsor site. Vanguard introduced a more streamlined, intuitive navigation structure and an aesthetically appealing design that matches the participant website. Together, these enhancements make for a more modern and user-friendly digital experience.

Vanguard revamped its small and mid-sized plan sponsor and participant sites simultaneously, incorporating the new design across both platforms. The new interface is significantly more attractive than its predecessor, featuring more clearly delineated sections, larger, more readable fonts and less page clutter.

The sponsor site’s navigational structure now features a consolidated and more efficient main menu. The new Plan tab facilitates navigation to most plan information and administrative pages. It organizes links into six sections—Plan, Plan Rules, Contributions & Census, Compliance, Information and Transactions—and uses bold fonts to help links to the most crucial pages stand out, alleviating any potential of overwhelming users with so many links within one tab.

New Vanguard Plan Sponsor Site Main Menu – Plan Tab

A universal search bar below the main menu uniquely allows sponsors to search for reports or participants. Employee search results display directly beneath the search field and allow sponsors to select which specific page to visit directly, a convenient navigational feature only offered by 25% of Corporate Insight’s Retirement Plan Monitor – Institutional coverage set.

When we launched Retirement Plan Monitor – Institutional in January of 2015, the digital plan sponsor arena lagged significantly behind the participant experience overall. Sites often featured comparatively outdated interfaces and cumbersome navigational structures. In our February RPM-I Report, we examined the various changes coverage group firms have made to plan sponsor portals since the launch of the research service. Our analysis revealed that, like Vanguard, many firms have continued to improve sponsor site design and navigation, reflecting an industry-wide desire to provide the type of modern, user-friendly sites users expect today. We anticipate other recordkeepers will follow suit and continue to invest heavily to modernize the digital sponsor experience over the coming years.

New Vanguard Plan Sponsor Site Dashboard