Wells Fargo Emphasizes Diversity with “Why I Work” Campaign

by on May 06, 2015

wells-fargo-stageLast week, Wells Fargo launched a new campaign called Why I Work that aims to build emotional connections with current and prospective clients through storytelling. The ads, which focus on the needs of diverse consumers, position Wells Fargo as a company that truly appreciates all of its customers. Diversity is a hot topic among millennials who, as baby boomers are retiring, continue to gain influence. In response to this trend, Wells Fargo is shifting its focus to diversity and inclusion, setting the bar for other financial institutions.

Why I Work will involve a series of multimedia promotions including television, print, radio, online, outdoor, in-store and ATM ads. The firm also plans to connect with followers on a more personal level via various social media platforms. With BBDO as the firm’s new creative agency, the campaign puts a new spin on past Wells Fargo marketing efforts.

The campaign specifically looks at what motivates people to work, highlighting stories of people from all walks of life. The first TV spot, called Learning Sign Language, features a same-sex couple that learns sign language in order to communicate with the deaf girl they are adopting. The one-minute ad, which simultaneously recognizes diverse needs while reflecting universal themes, will strike an emotional chord with just about anyone. It is no coincidence that this ad features a lesbian couple; the company has a unit that specializes in financial advice for same-sex couples, just one example of how Wells Fargo has adopted a “total market” approach, catering to the needs of every customer. The ad’s message ties to the Wells Fargo brand with the line, “Everyone works hard for a reason. Together, we can help you prepare financially for when two becomes three.” The commercial then ends with the firm’s well-known tagline, “Together we’ll go far,” in the hope that consumers associate the emotion of the ad with the Wells Fargo name.

“Learning Sign Language” Commercial

Wells Fargo plans to release nine TV ads for Why I Work over the course of the next month. Some ads are humorous, some are tear-jerkers and others simply examine universal experiences of people from all backgrounds. The ad Gaby features a Hispanic family that runs a small business out of its home, a representation that aims for relatability. The focus on diversity is apparent in the other ads, as well; the TV spots feature people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. Several profiles, to be released as the campaign unfolds, also feature people working in their daily lives, pursuing a range of vocations and careers. To round out the campaign, Wells Fargo will ask its followers to use the hashtag #WhyIWork to share their own stories and talk about what motivates them.

With recent skepticism of financial services firms, Why I Work aims to bring some semblance of authenticity to the industry as a whole. Time will tell if this campaign manages to change perceptions among Wells Fargo’s audience, and whether other firms will follow suit.