Back to the Future: Wells Fargo Opts for Robust Access over Mobile Optimization in New Private Site Navigation

by on Mar 06, 2018

In a move that seemingly goes against the trend of making sites optimal for mobile devices, Wells Fargo’s latest overhaul of its private site navigation transitions the firm from mobile-friendly slideout menus linking to overview pages to extensive flyout menus providing access to all site pages. Despite its seamless cross-platform spread, the firm’s previous slideout menus proved cumbersome at times on the desktop site, especially when users were trying to navigate quickly between pages as they sometimes had to return to the homepage to access a related task. Now, extensive flyout menus provide universal single-click access to all site content while the firm’s mobile website retains the prior slideout menu navigation, creating two distinct, yet equally optimized, experiences for each platform.

Unlike the previous overview pages, the new flyouts are not mutually exclusive, meaning some links can be found in multiple menus. This approach provides multiple pathways to key private site pages at the expense of making the already-exhaustive menus more content-heavy, which may overwhelm some users. In addition, the user menu now houses links from the Profile and Settings interface in an accordion style, allowing users to navigate to specific pages without going to overview pages as it previously required.

Updated Private Site Navigation – Accounts Flyout Menu

Previous Private Site Navigation – More Slideout Menu

While the rise of multiplatform usage calls for a seamless omnichannel experience, Wells Fargo’s improving of private site accessibility helps the overall user experience. The firm is not alone in this move from optimizing one site for all platforms. In March of last year, Chase also bucked the trend and switched its mobile-optimized site to one with main navigation flyout menus, meaning that firms recognize that it is difficult to provide one site that works equally well across platforms.