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Best Practice Reports

Reports with best practices and recommendations help you build better user experiences based on clearly defined criteria and carefully weighted ratings systems.


Product and Capability Matrices

Drill down to the specifics with our granular matrix spreadsheets examining digital capabilities and product details, customized for each industry.


Competitor Tracking

Updates track changes to your competitors’ sites and apps, including revamps, new tools, products and marketing initiatives.


Custom Analyst Support

Personalized support from our dedicated team of research analysts. No one knows your competitors’ sites better than our analysts. We’re here to help you get an edge.

Featured Industry Studies


Financial literacy games and assessments are ways for firms to counteract low levels of financial literacy and improve outcomes for users. In this webinar, CI industry experts give you an inside look at the growing area of financial games.

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pharmacy user experience

Based on a recent detailed 2023 pharmacy consumer survey, this webinar examines valuable findings and insights on patients’ behavior, preferences, and levels of satisfaction with their pharmacy’s web and mobile experiences.

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What factors are most important during the lender selection and loan origination process? A new report from CI’s Lending Monitor can show you. Download a free preview of the upcoming report on loan origination.

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fintech monitor

Our Fintech Monitor research service tracks the digital experiences offered by top consumer fintechs, startups and innovation-oriented firms. Learn more about Fintech Monitor and see a sample update from the service here.

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Actionable Intelligence for Smarter Decisions

Discover how our research can help you gain a competitive edge. Download our guide to learn more about Corporate Insight, our products and services.

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