As we start a new year, CI is looking back on the firms that set themselves apart with our 2022 UX Awards for asset managers advisor platforms. Now in its 20th year, the Asset Management Monitor – Advisor Awards program highlights the best desktop tools and features offered by asset managers in five key areas: Homepages, Commentary and Thought Leadership, Fund Profile Pages, Login and Registration, and Portfolio Diagnostic Tools. Across these categories, we distribute awards in gold, silver and bronze based on the quality of exceptional features and tools. These awards are solely about the UX of these features; we do not attempt to rank asset managers overall.

In this blog, we spotlight portfolio diagnostic tools, which use detailed data and analysis to help advisors evaluate whether their portfolio holdings and allocation are on track to meet client goals, a vital aspect of the advisory business. These tools serve as an important way for asset managers to underscore firm value, establish expertise and promote products such as funds and model portfolios.

While many firms in the Asset Management Monitor – Advisor coverage set offer portfolio diagnostic tools, only one features unparalleled detail, engaging visuals and unique capabilities: congratulations to J.P. Morgan for earning gold in this important category! Interested in seeing how J.P. Morgan nabbed the gold? Read on for the best ways to create a superior portfolio diagnostic tool experience:

Offer options: Provide multiple avenues for portfolio generation

As the first step in a portfolio diagnostic tool, portfolio generation should be quick and easy so that advisors can spend the bulk of their time parsing through the analyses. When these tools only offer the option to create a portfolio from scratch, they add work for advisors who may have previously entered the same information for analysis or saved their client’s holdings in an Excel document. A lengthy portfolio generation step may also deter once-interested advisors from using the tool when there are easier options out there.

J.P. Morgan ensures that advisors can quickly begin their analysis by offering the following portfolio generation options:

  • Construct a new portfolio
  • Upload an existing portfolio from Excel
  • Choose a model portfolio
  • Modify a model portfolio
  • Select from previously saved analyses
This image shows J.P. Morgan's portfolio analysis tool for asset managers
J.P. Morgan Portfolio Analysis Tool

Add analyses: Illustrate comprehensive data analyses with dynamic charts for the best asset manager UX

A comprehensive analysis is the most important part of a portfolio diagnostic tool, so firms should focus on incorporating as many data points as possible. However, for the best UX, tools should also employ colorful, engaging and dynamic charts to help advisors parse out the most important metrics and visualize performance over time.

While some pieces of data—such as asset allocation graphs—are table stakes for these tools, J.P. Morgan goes above and beyond by offering the following analyses alongside interactive, colorful and dynamic charts:

  • Risk-reward statistics
  • Trailing performance
  • Risk-return decomposition
  • Scenario and historical stress tests
This image shows J.P. Morgan's risk/return asset class decomposition section for asset managers
J.P. Morgan Portfolio Analysis Tool – Risk/Return Asset Class Decomposition Section

Share suggestions: Integrate advisor-facing and goal-specific recommendations

Recommendations in tools are rare, but these value-added features not only help advisors gain a better understanding of their portfolios, but also increase engagement with the firm. J.P. Morgan stands out for integrating advice throughout its Portfolio Analysis tool, including the following:

  • Portfolio recommendations for advisors
  • Goal-specific suggestions
  • Tooltips
  • Detailed methodology and disclaimer sections
  • Thought leadership pieces
  • A link to schedule a meeting with one of the firm’s Portfolio Specialists to review the analysis
This image shows J.P. Morgan's regional exposure observations section of its portfolio analysis tool for asset managers
J.P. Morgan Portfolio Analysis Tool – Regional Exposure Observations Section

The value-added features above demonstrate why J.P. Morgan’s portfolio diagnostic tool offers a best-in-class advisor UX. For more details on the portfolio diagnostic tools our coverage set firms provide, read our Portfolio Diagnostic Tools best practice research report (Asset Management Monitor – Advisor subscription required). And for an analysis of each medal winner across the five Advisor Monitor Awards program categories, view the full report (Asset Management Monitor – Advisor subscription required).

To learn more about the user experience that asset management firms provide to advisors, contact us at CI about our Asset Management Monitor research services. And check out the other gold medal winners for the 2022 UX Awards for asset managers below.