Our Values

About Corporate Insight

About Corporate Insight

Corporate Insight delivers competitive intelligence, user experience research and consulting services to the nation’s leading healthcare, insurance and financial services institutions. As the recognized industry leader in customer experience research for over 30 years, Corporate Insight has been the trusted partner to corporations seeking to improve their digital capabilities and user experience. Its best-in-class research platform and unique approach of analyzing the actual customer experience helps corporations advance their competitive position in the marketplace.

Our Mission

Corporate Insight exists to help organizations around the world make smarter decisions. Today’s fast-paced environment is largely shaped through digital engagement among colleagues, customers and partners, and the speed at which change occurs can be mindboggling. Through our research, we help clients understand the evolving customer experience and the impact of digital on that experience. This, in turn, enables our clients to make smarter decisions based on actionable intelligence within their competitive landscape.

To fulfill our mission, we aim to be INSIGHT-FULL and ascribe to these values:

Inquisitive: We always ask “Why?;” we strive to understand the way things work when it comes to people, processes and technology. And, we’re not afraid to “peel back the onion” to discover what’s at the core of things.

Naturally optimistic: We view the glass as half full, and we see a future flush with opportunity. We believe that every client discussion is an opportunity to provide value both to the clients and to their customers.

Success-oriented: We believe that success is ours for the taking if we actively pursue it. We are not afraid to sacrifice short-term gains for long-term rewards, and we incentivize growth and accomplishments over length of tenure.

Integrity-driven: Our word is our bond. Neither our opinions nor our ratings are ever for sale. We own up to our mistakes forthrightly and promptly, and we believe that sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Generous: We work with people who are charitable with their time and always willing to help others on projects and initiatives. We believe that generosity extends to supporting our clients and as such we strive always to add value to our work. We believe in asking “How can I help?”

Humble: We strive to be modest, unpretentious and ego-free. We believe that hubris kills companies, and we foster mutual respect and trust. We try to exhibit confidence without arrogance. We acknowledge shortcomings and seek to correct them.

Team-oriented: We believe that individual strengths are magnified in team settings. We believe in bottom-up success—when the individual succeeds, the team succeeds; when the team succeeds, the entire company succeeds.

FULL of fun: We believe that we should have fun doing what we do and with the people we interact with. We work hard but carve out time to play.