Annuity Research Services

Improve annuity client engagement and track digital best practices and innovations.

The Annuity Monitor monthly subscription gives you an authentic look at how leading firms use websites and mobile devices to engage account owners and financial professionals.


How Our Annuity Research Services Give You An Edge

The Annuity Monitor Research Service tracks the digital experiences of leading annuity firms across web and mobile, offering our subscribers an in-depth analysis of the industry from the authentic client and advisor perspectives. Our research examines the public, account owner and advisor websites, covering contract management, tools and calculators, product information, mobile capabilities and apps, social media strategies and educational content.

As the annuity industry confronts new regulations, disruption from insurtech startups and negative public perception, an Annuity Monitor subscription helps our subscribers stay ahead of the field. We track the digital positioning of the newest products, as well as educational materials for prospects and sales tools for advisors. Our research team leverages our decades of digital experience, established UX best practices and our diverse panel of account owners to help firms provide standout online client experiences.

Annuity Monitor Subscription Deliverables


Experience Reports

Our monthly reports examine key aspects of the digital experience for annuity firms. These reports benchmark industry leaders with rankings that assess best practices and critique aspects including usability, navigation and personalization.


Digital Strategy Updates

Keep your finger on the pulse of the annuity industry with biweekly updates that track all changes to your competitors’ digital experiences, as they happen. Leveraging our team of panelists, we review public, account owner and advisor site capabilities in real time, showing our subscribers the latest revamps, new tools, marketing campaigns and social media messaging.


Competitor Capabilities

Whether you need a point-by-point comparison of the annuity industry across hundreds of categories, or full videos of competitors’ account owner and advisor site capabilities, we have you covered. Discover which firms offer each feature and watch videos to see how these capabilities change over time.


Dedicated Analyst Support

We provide personalized support from our dedicated team of Annuity Monitor analysts to help you dig deeper into your competition. Have an ad-hoc question about a competitor’s client or advisor experience? We’re here to give you an edge.

Annuity Sample Report

Annuity Monitor: Comparative Analysis Report – Public Site Homepages

As both a landing page for prospects and a centralized platform of resources for existing account owners and advisors, public site homepages must cater to a wide variety of audiences. This presents a challenge for annuity firms when designing a homepage. Annuity firms that put their best digital face forward will be rewarded with new clients, increased sales and satisfied customers.

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    What Our Clients Say

    “The reports compiled are very valuable and the dedicated team is super responsive. I utilize CI services as much as possible and I’m
    grateful for their expertise.” – Annuity Monitor Client