Experience Benchmark: Bank Website

We offer comprehensive benchmarking and gap analysis of the prospect and client personal banking experiences, with tailored recommendations to improve the customer journey.

Bank Website Experience Benchmark target platforms

Clients can create a custom-made list of leading industry competitors for inclusion in our benchmarking audits. Using our extensive network of panelists, we provide an unparalleled assessment of the personal banking digital experience.

Deep Dives into Framework Categories

From Transactional Capabilities to Account Information, our benchmarking audit analyzes firms within five framework categories, 28 sub-categories and over 100 attributes.

Bank Experience Benchmark Deliverables


Importance Ratings

We weight each category, sub-category and attribute according to proprietary surveys that determine the importance of each feature to actual banking customers.


Benchmarking Data

Firms receive scores on a four-point scale for every category, sub-category and attribute, identifying strengths and weaknesses for you and your competitors.


Peer Gap Analysis

Illustrates the gap between the client and the average for all firms, stacked by strength to weakness.


Tailored Recommendations

We provide prioritize recommendations to enhance the client’s bank website experience, drawing from industry best practices and reflecting the firm’s key improvement opportunities.

Project Scope & Timeline


  • Updates – Build in quarterly or semi-annual updates that track progress, highlight new features
  • Analyst support – Receive ongoing access to our analysts throughout the engagement
  • Receive tailored recommendations with competitor best practice examples
  • Segment survey data by demographics

Software Customization

  • Create custom reports with our proprietary audit software, including head-to-head comparisons and altered weightings to reflect different user types in any combination of categories
  • See analyst commentary for grading justification, and review our grading criteria

Get an edge with a Bank Website Experience Benchmark

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