A recent article at Barron’s quotes Corporate Insight analyst Jennifer Butler about digital brokerage design trends:

“We’ve definitely seen a movement toward simplification in design,” says Jennifer Butler, the director of asset management and brokerage research at consulting firm Corporate Insight. Brokerages, she says, have begun to rethink site architecture and labeling to make everything more intuitive.

The top online brokerages marry clarity and sophistication, which is no small feat. This allows latitude for both expert traders and novice investors.

One big goal of these brokerages is to gain clients and keep them for the long term, not just entice them to sign up until the next cool app comes along. That includes a migration to different products, such as advisory services, which in turn provides additional revenue.

“What a lot of brokerage firms are trying to do is deliver on a promise of comprehensive financial management that addresses not just a consumer’s every product need, but also kind of a lifetime evolution of those needs,” explains Butler.

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