Competitive benchmarking unlocks the insights required to present a best-in-class digital user experience for your customers

Identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement with a competitive benchmarking assessment of a firm’s digital platforms versus those of their competitors with our Digital Audits. Firms use this service to understand how their capabilities measure up against their peers, as well as to set development priorities, educate business partners and vendors, secure funding for necessary improvements and deliver a better user experience.

Our competitive benchmarking covers all aspects of a firm’s public and authenticated customer web and mobile platforms are evaluated including design, functionality, navigation and usability across hundreds of attributes. An overall score is provided along with scores for individual features across all evaluated firms. Your digital platforms can be enhanced with our easy-to-understand gap analysis charts and actionable recommendations.

Get valuable comparisons into what your competition is doing with their digital user experience with these essential insights

Competitive benchmarking and customer demographics

See how your digital interfaces compare to your competitors. Start with identifying your gaps, strengths and opportunities to set in motion a best-in-class digital user experience.

Tailored, actionable recommendations

Reimagine your user experience with unbiased data-driven analysis of competitive user interface features.

Customer preference scoring

Establish a strategic roadmap for your firm by uncovering areas of opportunity for your digital customer interfaces.

Comprehensive executive summary

Create a true competitive advantage by leveraging findings revealed through competitive benchmarking from our expert research analysts.

Gain an edge with competitive benchmarking from our Digital Audits

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