Complete the form below to access our DeFi report preview from Corporate Insight. To help navigate the challenges posed by DeFi, this report outlines the five most relevant types of DeFi protocols:

  • DeFi lending
  • DeFi trading
  • DeFi asset management
  • DeFi payments and Stablecoins
  • DeFi insurance

We provide an overview of each, highlight its growth and traction, provide screenshots of the user experience and conclude with our thoughts on the competitive threat posed by that DeFi vertical. While
this report focuses on DeFi, where relevant, we present non-DeFi examples of established players and
fintech startups that aim to bring blockchain technology to traditional finance.

The DeFi 2030 report also provides an outline of the possible crypto growth scenarios in the 2020s. The study examines the factors that could drive crypto growth, including the rate of crypto technology improvement, the speed at which DeFi can incorporate real-world assets and the prevalence of global political and economic instability. The report concludes with a series of recommendations to help firms develop a long-term strategy to compete with DeFi services.

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