Fintech Research Services

Get an early read on emerging disruptors challenging the financial services industry

The Fintech Research Services subscription gives you a first-hand look at the digital user experience across web and mobile journeys from a dynamic international coverage group of the industry’s top consumer fintechs, startups and innovation-oriented firms.

“Just wanted to say that the Fintech Monitor is one of the best reports I read on any subject from any vendor we work with, hands down. It is much appreciated and valued.” – Fintech Monitor Client


How Fintech Research Services Give You an Edge

Fintech Research Services takes a deep dive into the branding, market position and authenticated experience at fintechs, startups and innovation-oriented firms that are disrupting the financial services industry. Our timely research reveals how emerging technologies lead to innovation among international consumer finance firms.

We benchmark the industry’s top fintech platforms using a dynamic coverage set of domestic and international innovators. Notable digital changes are tracked from authenticated sites and apps to demonstrate how the customer experience evolves. Get up-to-date commentary on the effectiveness and impact of significant changes, and an inside look at strategy and customer acquisition and retention.

The Value in Our Deliverables for Fintech Research Services


Quarterly Briefings

Our quarterly presentations provide analytical overviews of the evolving competitor landscape, highlighting key trends, events and strategic competitor moves. Briefings include live analyst Q&A to discuss industry implications and drill down into our research.


Digital Strategy Updates

Keep your finger on the pulse of fintechs, startups and innovators with monthly Digital Strategy Updates that track notable developments and initiatives that impact the customer digital experience. Each Update features a highlighted firm with a deep-dive profile.


Competitor Capabilities Tracking

Whether you need a point-by-point comparison of fintech digital experiences or full videos of competitors’ authenticated site and app capabilities, we have you covered. Watch our exclusive videos to see how these experiences change over time.


Custom Analyst Support

We provide personalized support from our dedicated team of fintech analysts to help you dig deeper into our research. Have an ad-hoc question about a competitor’s digital offerings? We’re here to give you an edge.


WEBINAR: Fintech Banking – How Innovative Approaches Threaten to Shake Up the Banking Industry

Complete the form to access our webinar presentation deck and recording hosted by the fintech industry research experts at Corporate Insight. Based on recent proprietary research, we examine several fintech banking platforms including their innovative offerings, exclusive benefits, and convenience attributes.