As healthcare becomes increasingly patient-centric, pharmacy firms have the opportunity to reimagine the customer experience with innovative patient-first mobile apps. User-focused mobile experiences can drive both meaningful engagement and superior patient outcomes. A crucial element of this digital pharmacy evolution lies in the strategic deployment of intelligent notification and reminder capabilities. Notifications and reminders are particularly valuable for managing prescriptions and improving health outcomes.

According to our recent pharmacy consumer analysis, as explored in our May 16 webinar, effective prescription alerts, notifications, and reminders present a significant opportunity for pharmacies to transform their mobile experiences, improve health outcomes, and build stronger, more loyal relationships with customers. However, our analysis found that while over 62% of the pharmacy apps reviewed offer some form of notification management functions, most firms can do more. Users want greater control and customization options for these communications.

Best-in-class examples like the CVS Caremark, GoodRx, Kaiser Permanente and Rite Aid apps demonstrate how clear, intuitive toggles for a diverse range of notification topics—from prescription status to savings opportunities and safety alerts—can empower customers to customize their app experience and maintain engagement with the pharmacy’s mobile platform.


Beyond simply offering notification management, CI research highlights the strategic importance of providing robust, omnichannel delivery options. While email remains the most common control method (offered by 81% of apps), the leading pharmacy experiences also enable users to customize their preferences for text messages, push notifications, and even automated phone calls. This level of personalization not only enhances accessibility but also reinforces the firm’s commitment to putting the customer-first experiences. Notably, BirdiRx, CenterWell, and Walgreens stand out by providing notification options through all four of these channels, setting a new benchmark for omnichannel excellence.

But the benefits of intelligent notification capabilities extend well beyond simply providing users with control and convenience. Our research underscored how these features can drive meaningful improvements in medication adherence, a perennial challenge for the healthcare industry. Leading examples like the CenterWell, Kaiser Permanente and Walgreens apps demonstrate how robust, user-friendly reminder tools—complete with open-text fields, dosage instructions, and even secondary alerts—can empower patients to take a more active role in their own health and wellness.


As the digital pharmacy landscape continues to evolve, the strategic deployment of intelligent notification and reminder capabilities will be a key differentiator for brands seeking to drive engagement, improve adherence, and solidify their reputation as trusted healthcare partners. By prioritizing user control, omnichannel delivery, and seamless adherence tracking, forward-thinking pharmacies can elevate the mobile experience and unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Our May 16 webinar will explore this topic in greater depth. Drawing on our industry analysis, our healthcare experts will show you how to:

  • Design robust, user-centric notifications and reminders to drive engagement and adherence
  • Develop data-driven adherence tracking that empowers customers to better monitor their medication regimens and improve health outcomes
  • Use personalization and gamification to create memorable mobile experiences
  • Integrate these enhancements into existing mobile platforms

Register for the May 16 webinar here. You can also download our previous Healthcare webinars on Cost Estimator Tools, Cancer Resources and Digital Pharmacy Experiences.