Corporate Insight Releases Annual gold medal monitor awardsDigital Member Experience Awards in Health Plans, Highlighting Rise of Virtual Care

The annual Monitor Awards recognizes digital innovation and best practices, awarding gold, silver and bronze medals in recognition of significant advances in web and mobile member experience over the past year.

“In 2020, health insurers made substantial investments in telemedicine, as the pandemic magnified members’ remote healthcare needs,” said Michael Ellison, president of Corporate Insight. “We expect to see ongoing and significant investments in this space, as insurers rapidly innovate and instill choices in their telehealth member journeys.”


Below, we proudly present the 2020 Monitor Award gold medal winners, determined by our Health Plan research services:

gold medal monitor awards

Health Plan Research Services


Virtual Care

  • Anthem earns a gold medal by offering a chat platform with a health professional, an email platform with a health professional and video visits with a health professional. The firm provides easily findable tools with a good range of topics covered with each option.

Coverage & Benefits

  • BCBS of South Carolina receives the gold medal for its easily findable list of benefits and centrally located coverage and benefit information. The firm’s member homepage includes a Benefits & Claims section with deductible and out-of-pocket information and a link to View Benefits Detail.

Cost Estimators

  • Cigna earns a gold medal for its universally findable and completely integrated cost and locator tool. Members can search by location, procedure or condition name, health professional or facility, and the member’s location is automatically filled by the firm. The firm also provides links to add an individual facility or provider to the member’s healthcare team and to schedule an appointment with certain labs.

Mobile Claims

  • Allstate earns the gold medal after completing two mobile app updates this year, resulting in a well-rounded, aesthetically pleasing and functional home screen. The most recent app revamp added more color contrast, enlarged action buttons and new blue banners. The July revamp redesigned the home screen and added a bottom-tabbed navigation menu, which includes Overview, Coverages, Payments, Claims and profile links.

Plan Balances

  • Humana receives the gold medal for its in-depth plan balance information and presentation. The firm provides a section on the homepage, as well as a link to the Deductibles & Maximums page within the Coverage main navigation menu dropdown.