Join us March 26 for a free webinar on healthcare cost estimators. The webinar will cover best practices for these tools from three recent CI reports examining the topic. Below is a preview of the webinar content:

Healthcare cost estimation is a sore spot for many Americans. With health spending in the United States projected to grow by 5% between 2023 and 2024, the need for transparency and predictability in healthcare expenses has never been greater.

There have been many policy-based attempts to grapple with increased medical costs, including imposing federal price transparency requirements, capping insulin cost-sharing to $35 a month and requiring pharmaceutical manufacturers to pay rebates if prices exceed inflation, as well as proposing neutral payment reforms. While policy results can take time to impact users, health plans, health systems and pharmacies can be taking steps today to support users in cost estimation, resulting in lower medical spending.

Cost estimation not only facilitates engaged health care decisions, but it fosters a sense of transparency and trust. Improving the cost estimation experience for users not only benefits individuals but also the various stakeholders within the healthcare system, including health insurers, health systems, and pharmacies. Users choosing low-cost options means lower costs across the board. For health systems, it means reductions in uncompensated care, while for pharmacies it can mean improved medication adherence.

However, despite the potential benefits, awareness and use of healthcare cost estimators remain disappointingly low. Only 9% of adults are aware that hospitals are required to disclose treatment and procedure pricing, highlighting the need for increased education and accessibility. To address these challenges and enhance the usability of cost estimation tools, firms can take several simple steps. Firstly, improving knowledge of and navigation to these tools is crucial. Many users struggle to locate and use available resources, underscoring the importance of intuitive design and clear communication. Furthermore, enhancing the search process and ensuring quality results can improve the chance users will return to the tool. Cost estimation should present cost results in an understandable manner is essential, fostering trust and confidence in the accuracy of the information provided.

Our March 26 webinar will explore these topics in greater depth. Join us to learn more about cost estimation in the healthcare space, and how digital tweaks can yield large user experience improvements. The webinar will cover the following topics, including industry examples and quotes from Corporate Insights user testing.

  • Knowledge of and navigation to cost estimation tools
  • Users’ search process
  • Cost result presentation, including the understandability and personalization of results
  • User’s trust in results
  • Next steps and support for users

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