Corporate Insight tracks the latest updates to digital experiences across the financial service industries via our subscription research services. Here are some of the latest changes monitored by our research teams. Contact us here to learn about our full suite of subscription and custom research offerings.

Annuity Monitor

Equitable launches new variable annuity product
The firm launched Structured Capital Strategies Income, a new variable annuity product with a built-in Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit (GLWB). Users can accumulate retirement savings for a lifetime and take advantage of the GLWB rider, which guarantees the ability to withdraw a level of income every year, regardless of market performance, as long as the withdrawal does not exceed the rate of income.
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Asset Management Monitor – Advisor

American Funds promotes Portfolio Series fund suite
A new Portfolio Series page overviews the firm’s Portfolio Series fund suite. The new Research and Insights page highlights the portfolio series and connects advisors to relevant resources.
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Asset Management Monitor – Investor

T. Rowe Price updates homepage and product pages
T. Rowe Price revamped its homepage with new language, additional resources and a streamlined design that consolidates information into horizontal tiles. The firm also made significant changes to multiple account type pages.

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Bank Monitor

KeyBank introduces unique authenticated site Manage Direct Deposit interface
A first for the coverage set, KeyBank introduced a new authenticated site Manage Direct Deposit interface that allows users to add and manage their direct deposit information. The interface offers a Switch Direct Deposit journey and a View Existing Switches page to manage direct deposit items.
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Credit Card Monitor

Wells Fargo and Bank of America introduce new credit cards to their product offerings 
After introducing the Premium Rewards Elite card in March, Bank of America launched two new cobranded credit cards—the Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean cards—that offer boosted earnings for cruise-related purchases and carry no annual fees. Wells Fargo announced the forthcoming Autograph card in partnership with Visa; the new card follows the firm’s recent addition of the Bilt Rewards cobranded card.
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Fidelity introduces dedicated Solo FidFolios page to accompany product launch
The page, currently findable only by site search, details the recently launched Fidelity Solo FidFolios product and provides dedicated overview pages for each Thematic Model. The landing page begins with a brief explanation of the product, followed by a Start Your Free Trial button. Below, a How It Works section outlines three broad steps for using the product: Choose, Invest and Monitor.

UBS adds a Feature Tour button to the secure site Net Worth page  
Mirroring recent updates to the secure site My Budget page, the new button highlights two sections of the page: Interactive Chart and Net Worth Details. In addition, a new Back to Overview link at the top of the page returns users to the homepage.
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Fintech Monitor

Corporate Insight profiles Cash App
Cash App was founded in 2013 by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey as a subsidiary of Block—formerly known as Square—Dorsey’s financial services company. At present, Cash App is available in the U.S. and UK markets. As of May 2022, the firm stated that it had approximately 80 million annual active users, comparable to its leading domestic P2P payments competitor, Venmo.
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Life Insurance Monitor

USAA overhauls app home screen and main navigation, adds Search screen 
USAA’s revamped app offers new Home and Search screens, a new main navigation and a primarily blue color scheme. The Home screen now houses options to access payment features such as transfer and bill pay functionality, and the Search screen enables users to find account information and app features.
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Mobile Monitor

Vanguard adds filter options to Research screen
Vanguard updated its Research screen to include All Products, Mutual Funds and ETFs filter options. Users can apply additional filters, such as Investment Minimum and Share Classes filters, on the Set Filters slideup.
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P&C Insurance Monitor

Nationwide launches Smart Home Insurance Program
In partnership with Notion, Nationwide now offers policyholders the option of enrolling in a Smart Home Monitoring System for a discounted price. The insurer added a dedicated public site Smart Home Insurance Program page describing the program benefits, its functionality and ways to get started. Promotions appear on the Homeowners Insurance and Condo Insurance product pages.
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Workplace Finance Monitor

Fidelity introduces Retirement Decision Guide planning tool
The new tool asks participants a series of questions about their retirement plans to view a personalized priority path, such as what age they expect to retire, when they expect to start claiming Social Security and whether they have a plan for healthcare in retirement. The tool organizes retirement-related tasks into high-, medium- and low-priority categories; each task tile includes a link to a relevant tool or educational resource as well as a summary of the task.
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